Want to know more about Whirli? These are our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us

Why is it saying there is a queue to join Whirli?

The queue is active when interests in Whirli spikes, so that you only join when we are ready for you. We always prioritise delivering a great experience for all our customers. You can register for a queue position (no obligation to pay later) and we'll let you know when it's your turn to join.

How many toys can I have at a time?

It’s up to you. Depending on your subscription, and the value of a toy, you can make up your Whirli box how you like. Say you have a 180 Whirli Token allowance, you could get 3 toys worth 60 Whirli Tokens each or 10 toys at 18 Whirli Tokens each.

How many times can I swap my toys?

We never want you to have toys that aren’t being played with. With the delivery booster your swaps are completely free, otherwise a delivery or return costs just £2.99 each. Around one swap a month keeps us environmentally friendly.

What toys do you have?

What toys don’t we have? You’ll find pretty much all the toys your kids are after. We don’t stock certain outdoor equipment because of safety risks. And Lego is a no-go because bits go missing so easily, and we’d never want you to receive an incomplete set. Sorry Lego fans.

What if you don't have toys I want?

Ping us a message and we’ll do our best to stock them.

What delivery and return methods do you use?

Our parcels are delivered by good old Royal Mail and for larger parcels we use DPD. You can drop off your returns at any post office, and we're soon adding more options like Click & Collect, Courier Pick-up, and others!

How do I return toys?

Just pop the toys you wish to return in a box, stick on the returns label we sent with your order and take it to the post office. Once we recieve the toys we will refund the token value to your account so you can pick some new toys to play with.

What if I want to keep a toy?

If you keep a toy for 9 months, you can choose to keep it forever, free. Hooray. If you can’t wait, you can always buy something for a lower-than-retail price just by getting in touch.

What happens if I lose or break a toy?

Don’t worry, we know accidents happen. Just get in touch to let us know. If it happens again and again though, you might have to pay for a replacement.

Are your toys safe and hygienic?

Absolutely. Everything we send out is triple checked, sterilised with Milton's professional formula, and ready for play. They’re probably cleaner than the second-hand toys at nursery. And to put your mind at rest even more, all Whirli toys meet UK and EU safety standards.

I have loads of toys I don’t want, can I donate them to Whirli?

That’s a great idea. And one we’ve had as well. Soon you’ll be able to donate toys in exchange for Whirli credit. With any toys we can’t use, going to kids in need. Watch this space.

Do you have different subscriptions?

Yes! You can create a Whirli subscription plan suited to your own needs. Select how many tokens you'd like to have and how frequently you'd like to be billed. If you're going to be swapping frequently don't forget to add a delivery booster to get free delivery and returns!

What value do I get from my Whirli subscription?

Our subscription plans are designed to provide enough toys to keep households continuously engaged and entertained without having to shop for additional toys. All subscriptions come with flexibility to choose your toys, and how long you'd like to keep each toy for. What's more, keep a toy 9 months and you can keep it forever for free! We're confident our subscriptions deliver great value, and are definitely much better than shopping for toys!

Can I change my subscription or cancel anytime?

For pay monthly subscriptions, there’s an initial 3-month introductory period after which you can change or cancel your subscription anytime. Customers on a half-yearly or yearly subscription plan can cancel at the end of their billing periods. Should you cancel, we’ll need any toys you have back.

Can I pause my subscription?

Sure. Just let us know, send any toys you have back to us, and we’ll pause your subscription no problemo.

How can I update my account details?

We're working on making this easy peasy for you to do in your profile. In the meantime contact us for any changes here.

Can I gift a friend?

You will be able to. Just not quite yet. We’re working on it.

Can I change my payment details?

We're working on making this easy peasy for you to do in your profile. In the meantime contact us for any changes here.

When will my account be charged?

We'll take payment based on your billing frequency and on the date you became a Whirli subscriber. For example, if you started a monthly subscription on the 14th of March you will next be billed on 14th April, 14th May, and so on.

What payment types do you accept?

All the major credit cards.

What if there is a problem with my order?

If something’s missing or your Whirli box looks damaged, contact us here and we’ll get it sorted ASAP.