Why Whirli?

7 reasons to stop shopping
and start swapping

More for your money

Every year, the average child in the UK receives ~£300-£350 of toys from their parents or through gifts. Most of these end up neglected after just a few plays. Spend less on a Whirli subscription or gift, and fill their toy boxes with toys that will keep them entertained and develop their skills.

Spoilt for choice

Choose from over 1000 toys in our library, our range is so massive we’re confident there are toys for every child’s interests! And if you’re looking for something specific, suggest it to us, and we just might add it to the collection

It's easy peasy

Ordering and exchanging your toys online couldn’t be simpler. We inspect, clean, and sterilise all toys so you don't have to worry about it. No hassle.

As good as new

You might notice a few scratches here and there. Just signs of a kid having fun. But rest assured any toy we send out has been checked, sanitised, and is ready for your child to play with

Sharing is caring

It's an important life skill for toddlers, children, and grown-ups alike. Join the Whirli family and see just how much fun sharing can be. Did we mention sharing is also good for the planet?

Landfill isn't fun

Millions of unwanted toys are sent to landfills every year. But by swapping instead of shopping, reducing your impact on the environment really is child’s play. Any toys you don’t want, another Whirli member would love to play with

Clutter be gone

Because you can send back anything unused or unwanted, you’ll only ever have toys in your house that are being played with