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Ownership is Overrated

With the recent news that Selfridges and John Lewis are the latest retailers to join the rental revolution, and with Ikea set to launch its rental offering at the end of the year, it is clear that Generation Rent is driving the shift towards rental.

Millenials and Gen Z’ers are defined more by ever-changing experiences, careers and lifestyles, than their parents’ were. They are more likely to move home, change jobs and make ever-evolving lifestyle choices. They have also realised that owning everything they need to support this lifestyle is expensive, wasteful and more of a commitment than they would like.

Customer challenge

To mark the shift towards a Rental Revolution we would like to challenge our customers to consider which areas of their homes are filled with things they own or borrow. We’ve created a list which you can go through. Mark each category with a %. 100% means you own 100% of the items within that category. 0% means you own 0% of the items in that category and rent them all.

Other Rental Businesses

To compliment the list, we’ll also add a link to any rental businesses we know of that you may want to consider in your quest to own less and rent more.

The Rental Lifestyle List

Women’s clothing

Hurr at Selfridges – peer to peer luxury clothing rental

My Wardrobe HQ – peer to peer and brand to peer luxury fashion rental

Rotaro – a fully centralised clothing rental service

Men’s clothing

Watch this space!

Home interiors

John Lewis Furniture – rent instead of buy your favourite household furniture

Harth – design-led interiors rental

Rise Art – original paintings for sale or rent

Household and personal items

Fat Llama – a peer to peer lending platform for electronics, tools, bikes and more

Library of Things – London based local community library offering ‘things’ across DIY, gardening, hobbying etc.

Kid’s clothes

Bundlee – a pre-bundled capsule wardrobe to rent for 0 – 24 month babes

The Little Loop – a choice of clothes to rent for 2 – 5 year olds from brands such as Frugi, Mini Boden and more

Kid’s toys

Whirli – us of course!

Baby stuff

Buggi – a UK buggy subscription of reconditioned buggies


Borrow my doggy – want a dog but not full time? The borrow a local dog for the weekend.


Zipcar – the UK’s largest car sharing club in London, Bristol, Oxford & Cambridge

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