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You’ll always get better value with Whirli. Choose a plan based on the total value of toys you want to borrow at a time.

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More about Whirli Tokens

What is a Whirli Token?

Tokens are used to manage your personalised toy box. 1 Whirli Token equals £1 retail price, so a toy worth £20 at retail costs 20 Tokens.

How do Whirli Tokens work?

Your subscription gives you a Token allowance, and you can choose whichever toys to order as long as your order is within your Token allowance.

When you send toys back, you get back the same number of Tokens so you can order something else and make a swap.

Your Token allowance is dependent on your plan, and you only get Tokens back for making a swap (you do not get additional Tokens monthly).

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