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Swifter Swaps has arrived

Boom. We’ve just released Swifter Swaps – a new feature available to all Whirli subscribers free of charge. With Swifter Swaps, we’ve eliminated waiting time between returning toys and getting your next Whirli box.

This means you can get even better value for money with Whirli, and makes using our service even more convenient. Now that’s the Whirli way!

How does Swifter Swaps work?

When it’s time to swap some toys for something else, log in to your account on Whirli and:

  • Tell us what toys you plan on returning. You can do this by opening your basket (clicking on the top right), and selecting the returns tab. Simply check all the toys you plan on sending back.
  • As you select toys to return, you’ll see their corresponding token values being credited back to you immediately, available to spend on a new order!
  • After selecting toys to return, browse our catalogue and choose what you want to play with next and add these to your bag. Your token balance now takes fully into account your allowance and used tokens, the toys you’re returning, and the toys for your next order.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your swap, checkout to confirm the toys you’ll be receiving and the toys you’ll be returning.
  • Here’s the magic – we’ll despatch your new box immediately to you. When you receive it a day or two later, you can put the toys you’re returning into the box and send it back to us (whenever it is convenient for you).

No downtime without toys. No delays or waiting around if Royal Mail has misplaced your return parcel. No rush to drop a return off in the middle of a busy schedule. No hassle.

You can still make just an order, or just a return, and you can also still just pop toys into a returns parcel and send it back to us. If you change your mind and want to return more (or fewer) toys than you told us you’ll be returning, you can also do that.

But wait, what are the limits to Swifter Swaps?

We provide Swifter Swaps on a trust basis. But there are a few mechanisms in place to prevent complete abuse of our trust. For transparency these include:

  • You can only have one active order, return, or swap at a time. Batching orders and returns also helps us be more environmentally friendly. Your order or your return needs to be completed with toys received, before you can make another one.
  • If you end up returning fewer toys than you told us about, these toys will stay in your toy box and use tokens from your allowance. If this means you end up using more tokens than your allowance, you’ll need to come back into your allowance on your next swap.
  • There are hard caps in place so you can’t be massively over your token allowance.

Feedback for improvements and reporting any bugs

Thank you all for your patience while we worked to bring this feature to you. I hope you are as excited about this as we are! As ever, we’ll strive to continuously improving our service with new features but also ensuring everything we make available to you is seamless and error free.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve Swifter Swaps for you, or if you encounter any confusion, issues, or technical bugs, please get in touch with customer services!

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