4 Channel RC Crawling Stunt Car

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Are you ready for some mind-blowing stunts? You'll be amazed at what this little car can do. The four-channel control allows for extreme manoeuvrability, while the 360-degree spin function lets you pull off insane tricks at the push of a button.

Your kids will love the funky design and endless trick variations of the 4 Channel RC Crawling Stunt Car, and you'll love seeing them get active with a toy that doesn't have a screen. Watch them challenge their friends to perform ever more complex tricks. Feel the excitement as they finally land the stunt they've been attempting all day.

With a long battery life from a single charge, you don't need to worry about running out of juice. The car's long-range remote control and sturdy build make it suitable for indoor and outdoor play, and its small size means that it is easily portable.

Step up to the next level of remote-controlled cars with the 4 Channel RC Crawling Stunt Car. Take it for a spin today!

  • 360 spin function for mind-blowing stunts.

  • Long battery life.

  • Long-range remote control.

  • Small and portable, great for travelling and can be stored easily.

  • CAUTION: Electronic toy, precaution should be taken during handling to prevent electric shock.

  • CAUTION: To be used under the supervision of an adult.

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6 years+



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