6 Channel RC Stunt Car

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Children will love seeing what tricks they can pull off with this 6 Channel RC Stunt Car.

They can practice jumps and spins to see what tricks they can learn, or even be creative and come up with their own stunt combinations!

This remote-controlled vehicle can move forwards, backwards, left, right and pull off 360-degree spins, meaning there are hours of creative play and fun to be had.

Children can even add their own home-made accessories such as ramps or obstacle courses to try a new challenge and see what the car can do. Or why not invite a friend over and see who can pull off the most exciting trick?

The bright design means it stands out from the crowd so everyone will notice the tricks and stunts it pulls off - it’s also easy to find if it ends up in a hedge when a stunt goes a bit wrong!

This 6 Channel RC Stunt Car keeps youngsters occupied for hours as they discover different tricks and enjoy creating something as impressive as possible!

  • Manufactured by Motorz.

  • Recommended for children aged 6+

  • Operates forwards, in reverse, left and right, plus a 360-degree spin option.

  • CAUTION: Electronic toy, precaution should be taken during handling to prevent electric shock.

  • CAUTION: To be used under the supervision of an adult.

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6 years+



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