A Boy Called Christmas

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Published in 2016, A Boy Called Christmas is one of several fun stories written by the award-winning author Math Haig and wonderfully illustrated by Chris Mould, who has won the Nottingham Children’s Book Award.

A Boy Called Christmas came to life after Haig’s son asked him what Father Christmas would have been like as a child, and as such the story is full of the childlike innocence and curiosity that inspired its plot. Featuring a wild sleigh ride of snow, magic, elves, a kidnapping, adventure and even more snow and magic, this is the perfect festive, witty book to engage children and their parents alike.

If that wasn’t enough, the book’s charmingly honest protagonist, Nikolas, is being brought to life in a film due for a December 2020 release! So now’s the perfect time to read the story with your little ones to get them excited for the most incredible time of the year. Not only that, but A Boy Called Christmas also makes the perfect gift for family and friends’ sons and daughters due to it being seasonally themed!

Plus, if your kids enjoy the endless warmth of this book, be sure to check out the other books by Matt Haig! 

  • The perfect festive gift for children

  • Engaging for both children and their parents/carers

  • Features stunning black and white illustrations

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