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Asmodee Dobble Card Game


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Does your child enjoy playing ‘Snap’? Then they will love this extreme version! Dobble is a fantastically fun card game that is sure to have all the family joining in.

Is your eagle eye speedy enough to pick out the one symbol your card has in common with your opponent’s card? Each card is littered with different images, including things such as a milk bottle, exclamation mark, ice cube, three-leaf clover, a wedge of cheese and a ladybird - and many more besides. But each card shares just one picture with each other card in the deck, meaning players need a super keen eye and lightning-fast reactions to spot it before their opponent does.

The first to spot the matching image - which can be different sizes and placed in different areas of the cards to make them tricky to pick out - shouts it out to win the round.

There are five different Dobble games to enjoy: fill the well, the towering inferno, hot potato, catch them all, and the poisoned gift.

Dobble is sure to provide hours of competitive entertainment for all ages.

  • Suitable for players aged 6+

  • Manufactured by Asmodee.

  • A great card game for all the family to enjoy.

  • Play with two players or multiple.

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6 years+



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