Baby Annabell Brother Doll

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In his adorable blue sleepsuit, this Baby Annabell Brother Doll is just like a real baby! He has realistic sounds, including babbles and giggles, and can even suck his dummy or bottle with realistic mouth movements. This male doll yawns and sleep, with even more realistic sounds to accompany his actions, and can even wet his nappy or use a potty. For children looking for a lifelike toy doll that they can care for like a real baby, there are few better choices than the Baby Annabell Brother Doll.

Perfect for introducing a young child to the concept of a younger sibling, or simply to foster those nurturing skills that help little ones grow up to be caring, the Baby Annabell Brother Doll requires real care and attention. He'll cry for his needs to be met, and can be rocked to sleep by gentle little hands.

The Baby Annabell Brother Doll helps children to learn about empathy and caring for the needs of others, complete with accessories including a bib, dummy, bottle and nappy.

  • A male baby doll in blue sleepsuit.

  • Realistic sound and movement.

  • Promotes skills including empathy, and teaches children to be caring and gentle.

  • Comes with a range of baby accessories.

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months.

  • Warning: Only for domestic use.

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3 years+


Zapf Creation

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