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First released in 1998, the Baby Annabell doll has been regularly upgraded with the latest features to become a modern favourite children's toy. Little ones will love the latest Baby Annabell, with her realistic movements as she sucks her dummy or bottle, and realistic baby sounds including gurgles, giggles and burps. Baby Annabell can fall asleep, making gentle breathing and snoring sounds, and this version can even wet her nappy or use the potty. For young children, this is as close as it gets to taking care of a real newborn baby.

Whether it be to help children to adjust to the arrival of a sibling, or simply for fun, this realistic baby doll is a perfect addition to any playroom. Baby Annabell comes in beautiful pink baby clothes, with accessories including her dummy, a bib and a bottle.

Playing with Baby Annabell develops important nurturing, caring and empathy skills that will serve your little one well throughout their lives. Baby Annabell can be used with any existing or generic doll accessories, like prams and a toy potty.

  • Interactive baby doll with realistic sounds and movements.

  • Comes with accessories including a bib, dummy and bottle.

  • Can wet her nappy or use a potty.

  • Teaches children about nurturing and caring.

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months.

  • Warning: Only for domestic use.

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3 years+


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