Baby Annabell Milk Bottle

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Baby Annabell is hungry! But fortunately, her easily transportable milk bottle is on hand to keep her rumbling tummy at bay!

Baby Annabell will even cry real tears if she drinks water from the bottle. But don’t be sad, a gentle cuddle and soft lullaby will soon cheer her up again!

Its ergonomic design means the bottle sits neatly in a child’s hand for easy use, while the lid allows leak-free transportation when Baby Annabell is out and about on adventures.

The Baby Annabell Milk Bottle is the perfect accessory for the Baby Annabell doll. Children can learn to feed Annabell to keep her happy and healthy, and help her grow big and strong. Play will also allow children to develop a sense of nurturing and responsibility as they care for Baby Annabell and meet her needs.

  • The Baby Annabell Milk Bottle will help keep her rumbling tummy at bay.

  • Ergonomic design for easy use for all children.

  • Lid allows for leak-free transportation.

  • Baby Annabell will cry real tears when she drinks water from the bottle.

  • Not suitable for children under three years.

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3 years+


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