Baby Annabell Newborn Doll

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With her soft body making her perfect for cuddles, the Baby Annabell Newborn Doll is ideally suited to toddlers. She wears an adorable pink babygro and lamb hat, complete with its floppy ears. If you're looking for an alternative to completely hard-bodied dolls, the Baby Annabell Newborn Doll is a perfect compromise with a solid head atop a soft textured body. With close supervision, it can be enjoyed from an early age and may become your little one's favourite toy.

The perfect addition to any nursery toy box, Baby Annabell will promote empathy and encourage a nurturing and caring personality. Small children will love being able to look after their very own baby doll, and her soft body makes her lightweight and easy to carry around. The Baby Annabell Newborn Doll also features large expressive eyes, making her a very cute doll that's sure to keep little ones smiling.

As a first doll or an addition to an existing doll collection, the Baby Annabell Newborn Doll is a snuggly and cuddly choice.

  • A beautiful soft-bodied doll.

  • Perfect for toddlers, as a first doll.

  • Promotes a nurturing, kind and caring personality.

  • Can be used to introduce children to the concept of having a younger sibling.

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1 month+


Zapf Creation

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