Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams 2 in 1 Unit

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The Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams 2 in 1 Unit by Zapf Creation is the must-have toy for any proud parent of a Baby Annabell doll. Your child can use this all-in-one changing table and wardrobe to dress their baby, change its nappy and get it ready for anything, whether that's a day in the park, a tea party with their other toys or even bedtime.

Behind cute pastel-pink curtains decorated with Baby Annabell's recognisable little lamb, you'll find an all-encompassing wardrobe with individual compartments for storing all of her clothes and shoes, plus a shelf for easy access to all of those nappy-changing bits and bobs. This makes tidying up easier and more fun for your child while keeping all of their baby doll's accessories safe and in one place.

On top of the wardrobe, you'll find the floral-patterned changing table, which is just the right size for Baby Annabell. Her favourite little lamb pops up once more to keep her entertained during nappy changes.

With endless scenarios to play out, the Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams 2 in 1 Unit is fantastic for encouraging your little one to engage in role-playing and explore their imagination.

  • 2 in 1 unit with wardrobe and changing table.

  • Individual storage compartments for all of Baby Annabell's accessories.

  • Encourages imaginative role play.

  • Not suitable for children under 36 months.

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3 years+


Zapf Creation

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