Bajo City Puzzle

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The Bajo City Puzzle offers double the play value of other wooden toys.

The nine pieces of this wooden jigsaw are chunky enough to be used as scenery for other wooden playsets.

Once your child has finished fitting the puzzle pieces together, they can then take them apart and stand them up in any formation they wish to make their own cityscape!

The modern, monochrome image is visually stimulating; your little one will love looking at all the contrasting geometric shapes on the different buildings as they try to fit the pieces together. It's also a great toy for helping children develop their problem-solving skills.

The pieces are just the right size for little hands to get a good grip, meaning it's an ideal first puzzle for young toddlers. But thanks to the versatility of this toy, it's sure to be a favourite for many years to come!

  • Manufacturer recommended age 18 months and above.

  • Product dimensions 24cm x 17cm x 1.5cm.

  • Designed and manufactured in Poland.

  • Made from sustainable wood sourced from carefully managed forests.

  • Helps children develop essential skills such as problem-solving and hand-eye coordination.

  • Two-in-one toy provides the opportunity for open-ended play.

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18 months+



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