Bajo Crowd Puzzle

Bajo Crowd Puzzle


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As intriguing as it is aesthetically-pleasing, Bajo’s Crowd Puzzle is a fun way for your child to while away a couple of hours. The puzzle consists of 14 different faces and pieces, that match together in a certain way.

Whether kids try to solve the problem or simply want to play with the faces, it’s a source of hours of entertainment for all the family. With its stunning natural wood pieces, the puzzle also functions as a beautiful piece of art that looks good around the house.

Puzzles are proven to help children develop skills such as shape recognition, goal setting, patience and concentration, which set them up for going to school. Puzzles are also beneficial in developing fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination, due to the precise nature of locating the correct pieces and fitting them together.

  • The puzzle is made from 100% sustainable beech wood.

  • Artisanal toy producers, Bajo, have been creating beautiful wooden toys for the past 25 years, with an emphasis on using the highest-quality sustainable wood and non-toxic paints.

  • The toy’s dimensions are 17 x 24 x 1.5cm and it weighs 417g and has 14 pieces.

  • The puzzle is suitable for children aged eighteen months and up.

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18 months+



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