Bajo Lacing Appletree

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Help your child acquire and hone useful skills such as holding a pen, tying and untying laces and assembling a structure with the help of this wonderful green Bajo Lacing Appletree game.

A fun-filled plaything, this lacing game from Bajo doesn't just teach your child patterns and dexterity, it also caters to open-ended play. Comprised of separate wooden pieces painted and assembled to resemble a tree, it's an attractive, cute and unique game for little ones.

Each of the leafy branches features numerous holes to allow your child’s tiny hands to thread it up. Your child can have fun threading the different coloured strings between the holes to make a bow or creating different patterns all over the tree. This green wooden lacing tree is an optimum toy for little ones, helping to speed up skill development in toddlers by helping them become more creative and sharpening their motor skills.

This wooden toy is also durable, made from non-toxic paints. Plus, it's environmentally friendly, made from waste wood from plum, sycamore, cherry, acacia, beech and walnut trees, giving a natural finish your child will love.

  • Measures 17 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm.

  • Brightly coloured with non-toxic paint.

  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and above.

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3 years+



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