Bajo Lacing Shoe

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The bright and colourful Bajo Lacing Shoe is the perfect educational toy to teach your child how to lace and tie their shoelaces to get them ready for school. But this toy doesn't just provide a conventional shoe-tying experience. Presented on wheels, it's fun for little ones to roll, catch and chase. Plus, the holes on the side of the shoe allow your little one to experiment with threading different patterns, teaching manual dexterity, motor skills and creativity.

Made from 100% natural wood and string, this unique teaching aid is painted using environmentally friendly stains so that it is non-toxic, making it safe for children aged three years and up.

This Lacing Shoe toy from Bajo comes in a range of different colours to choose from, including orange, green and yellow. The thread is also available in contrasting colours to engage young learners. Inspire their imagination while they learn independent skills with this classic shoe-tying toy.

  • Recommended for children aged three years old and above.

  • Measures 15cm long, 13cm wide and 7cm high for easy portability.

  • Bright engaging design and a choice of colours.

  • Multi-purpose toy makes it educational and fun.

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3 years+



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