Bajo Marble Run – Dewdrop

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Watch the marble roll along the winding wooden path with the Bajo Marble Run - Dewdrop.

With three movable leaf platforms, all crafted from natural wood, young children will have great fun rolling the marble along the twisty track.

This sensory toy helps to develop your child’s gross motor skills, problem-solving and spatial awareness. By encouraging them to grasp and place the marble at the top of the run, the Bajo Marble Run helps strengthen their hand-eye coordination and grip strength too.

Introduce them to the exciting world of STEM toys and fire their imagination as they move the leaves around to create their own path for the marble to roll down.

The Bajo Marble Run is manufactured from ethically sourced, sustainable wood sources in Poland. The perfect gift for eco-conscious families, Bajo toys are made using ethical and traditional methods and look great in the playroom.

  • Suitable for children aged 18 months and over.

  • Three-piece set.

  • Wooden construction with a natural finish.

  • Treated with non-toxic oil.

  • This toy measures 28x45x32cm

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18 months+



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