Bajo Rocking Horse - Small

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With so many plastic toys on the market, simple wooden toys can be a treasure. There's a real joy in playing with toys made from soft, natural materials and this lovely little Bajo Rocking Horse is no exception.

Made from sustainable solid wood, it allows little fingers to explore the warm texture. It is entirely unpainted, allowing children to feel the gentle grain of the wood with their fingertips. It's not just wood though, there's also a soft, fluffy tail to stroke which is great for any little explorers who love sensory stimulation.

Although it's not big enough to function as a rideable steed, it is ideal for tots (18 months +) who are beginning to interact and play. This would easily form part of a farmyard play set, be able to give rides to teddy bears or could even accompany story time.

This small wooden horse (approx 16cm x 6cm x 12cm) is a beautiful, miniature example of a timeless play room classic that will rekindle fond memories for parents and create new ones for their children.

  • Natural wood toy.

  • Unpainted means it's non-toxic.

  • Suitable from 18 months.

  • Measures 16cm x 6cm x 12cm.

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18 months+



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