Bajo Stacker Pyramid

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Stacking toys have always been popular with younger children to play with. Whether it is the fun of building it up together or knocking it all down at the end, kids adore the excitement this kind of toy brings. This stacker pyramid from Bajo is a great example and will bring endless hours of fun to your little one. The set contains eight wooden pieces that are the perfect size to hold for children and easy to manipulate. As they are wooden, they are also the ideal environmentally-friendly toy to help save our planet with.

The pieces come in a range of bright colours to help make it even more fun and they can be put together in a number of different ways. This ensures your child never gets bored and can always find a new way to play with it. To make it a bit simpler, there is also a wooden column piece included to stack the pieces against. This toy is also superb for their development and will help stimulate their mind and creativity while building up their motor skills.

  • Eight environmentally friendly wooden pieces.

  • Pieces come in bright, fun colours.

  • Column piece included for easier stacking.

  • Superb toy for developing motor skills, creativity and brain function.

  • Classic 'stacking toy' which all children love.

  • This toy measures 9cm x 9cm x 20cm.

  • Suitable from age 2.

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2 years+



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