Barbie Bistro Cart

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The Barbie Bistro Cart is stocked with all the ingredients your little one needs for hours of fun. This stylish retro scooter and food cart come complete with toy food, drinks and a till register that makes for realistic play.

Featuring smooth-rolling wheels and space within the cart to hold the bistro's tasty food, the Barbie Bistro Cart is the perfect playtime accessory for young foodies. The scooter's seat is designed to fit any standard Barbie doll and so is the perfect addition to your Barbie collection. The scooter comes equipped with a stylish white helmet, seatbelt and handlebar grips to keep your doll safe on the journey.

The Barbie Bistro Cart is the perfect portable accessory for the savvy-minded Barbie who fancies a career in food! Encouraging imaginative play and story-telling, this is another excellent toy from Mattel that will keep your little chef's entertained for hours.

  • A bright and portable accessory that accommodates any standard Barbie doll.

  • Includes a collection of toy food that can be held within the food cart.

  • Complete with till register for realistic play.

  • Scooter and food cart feature stylish retro design.

  • Encourages imaginative role play, creativity and number skills.

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3 years+



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