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Whether your child dreams about exploring outer space or wants to make amazing scientific discoveries, the Barbie Career Dolls collection is here to prove that girls really can do anything.

This inspiring collection, created by Mattel, is a great way to introduce young girls to a whole world of different career possibilities. There are so many different dolls available; there are sporting heroes, a firefighter, and even an airline pilot! Each doll is kitted out in suitable professional attire, and comes with accessories to help them as they work - Barbie Pet Vet Doll, for example, comes dressed in her white coat and has her stethoscope ready to listen to the little puppy's chest.

The dolls in the Barbie Career collection not only open up young minds to all sorts of new imaginative play scenarios, but they are also an ideal way to help children realise that they can be whoever they want to be when they grow up!

  • Suitable for children age 3 years and above.

  • Encourages children to engage in role-play, which is great way to help them learn about, and understand, the world around them.

  • Variety of dolls available. The Barbie Career Doll you receive will be based on availability.

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