Barbie Dreamtopia Brush n Sparkle Princess Doll

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Bring a sprinkle of magic to playtime with the Barbie Dreamtopia Brush n Sparkle Princess Doll! Coming straight from the Dreamtopia Rainbow Cove to your toy box, the Barbie Brush n Sparkle Princess Doll is ready to join you on all of your magical adventures.

Brush Barbie's extra-long golden hair using the magic brush included to see her dress light up and play sounds. Featuring four different sound and light sequences, including the Dreamtopia theme song, this Barbie doll will light up playtime and transport your little one's imagination into a Dreamtopia fairy tale.

Wearing a rainbow starry dress and a pink tiara, the Barbie Dreamtopia Brush n Sparkle Princess Doll looks as though she has stepped straight out of a fairy tale. Perfect for lovers of this classic doll, Mattel's Barbie Princess will have your little one's imagination running free as they enter into Barbie's world of fantastical storytelling!

  • Interactive and posable doll based on Barbie's Dreamtopia Rainbow Cove.

  • Brush Barbie's extra-long hair using the magic brush to see her rainbow ball gown sparkle and play music!

  • Features four different music and light sequences, activated by brushing the doll's hair or pressing the button on her corset.

  • Encourages imaginative storytelling, creative role play and sensory engagement.

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