Barbie Fashionista Dolls - Assorted

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Little style icons will enjoy endless fun with fashion when they play with a Barbie Fashionistas doll. Each doll from this gorgeous range has its own unique look and style and boasts an on-trend outfit that keeps them up-to-date and looking great. The Barbie Fashionistas range includes dolls with a wide range of skin tones, hair and eye colours, hairstyles, and face shapes; they’re a fabulous reflection of the diverse world surrounding your child.

Kids who love fashion and dressing up will adore exploring style when they play with one of these Barbie dolls. The contemporary dolls in this range make great characters in stories and plays and will stimulate your child to come up with lots of exciting storylines, whether they’re the top model at London Fashion Week or the stylish owner of a busy boutique. These Barbie dolls are always ready to join your child on whatever adventure they choose.

  • Doll styles vary and are subject to availability.

  • It is currently not possible to choose a specific doll style.

  • Encourages kids to have fun with fashion.

  • Fantastic for including in stories and plays.

  • Great for role-playing and stimulating the imagination.

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3 years+



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