Barbie Glam SUV Vehicle

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Let your child take Barbie for a spin with this glam SUV vehicle. The perfect addition to their Barbie collection, the purple SUV will allow for hours of imaginative play as it takes Barbie and friends to the beach, the shops or even on holiday. With four seats, there is plenty of space to easily place four of your child's favourite dolls into the sparkly car and even tie them in with seatbelts- a handy safety feature to remind your kids to buckle up in your own vehicle. They can swap between their favourite dolls to all let them have a go in the brand-new ride.

The look of the car is definitely a winner, with the purple exterior, silver wheels and tan interior making it picture-perfect for your child. The Barbie Glam SUV Vehicle will become a firm favourite when your child is playing with their dolls during the day and it will come out when their friends come over to play too. A perfect gift for your child this Christmas or birthday to help make their playtime even more fun.

  • Not suitable for kids under 3.

  • Dolls ordered separately.

  • A great accessory for a Barbie fan.

  • Perfect for a birthday or Christmas present.

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3 years+



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