Bing Huggable Talking Bing Soft Toy

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The Bing talking soft toy is the perfect companion for all occasions, with his cuddly nature and friendly chatter.

Press Bing’s button to activate more than 15 favourite Bing phrases, perfect for entertaining and engaging little ones. The talking toy can even help stimulate speech and conversation in children, who are keen to interact with their favourite character.

Bing, a much-loved pre-school bunny rabbit from the hit CBeebies show and book series, can accompany your child everywhere, whether in the car, to the park, or around the shops where you most need to keep them entertained!

The bunny is also an ideal bedtime companion, made from soft fabrics and perfect for cuddling as your little one drifts off into the land of nod.

Bing comes dressed in his classic red checked dungarees, with turn-ups and a big, single button, making him instantly recognisable to all his young fans.

Little ones are sure to love playing and interacting with the Bing talking soft toy.

  • Press Bing’s button to hear more than 15 fun phrases.

  • Bing wears his classic red checked dungarees with turn-ups.

  • Approximately 30 cm tall.

  • Soft and squishy, perfect for bedtime cuddles.

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Recommended age:

1 month+


Golden Bear

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