Bing Light Up Talking Bing Soft Toy with Hoppity Voosh

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Round the corner, not far away, Bing the toy is ready to play.

His button lights up when he talks, and your little one will be hopping around the room when his music starts playing. Bing is based on everyone’s favourite Cbeebies show.

Bing also comes with his favourite toy (and best friend), Hoppity Voosh the rabbit superhero. Hoppity detaches from Bing, and your little Bingster can make him ‘Voosh’ up and down through the air, just like in the show. The two of them are perfect for cuddles, adventures, and looking after your little one while they sleep.

Designed for children from 10 months up, Bing and Hoppity are made from extra-soft fabrics with embroidered details that help to bring them to life. Bing has posable arms which will let your little one set him up in all kinds of scenarios. It's a Bing thing!

  • An ideal toy for Bing fans and bunny fans. /n Press Bing’s hand and his button will glow as he talks, giggles or plays some music. /n 15 phrases for your little one to enjoy. /n Posable arms let your child engage in creative roleplay. /n Bing and Hoppity will show your child the importance of friendship.

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1 year+


Golden Bear

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