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What do you say parents, time to give your little ones some entertainment during bath time? Then hook them up with the Boon Pipes Bath Toy from TOMY, the tubular fun making waves in bathtubs over the world! This one will keep them amused and keep them learning – but we can’t promise it will keep water in the bath if you’re not quick enough on your feet.

Take 5 differently shaped tubes, each with its own trick, and throw them in the tub with your toddler and what do you get? One happy customer. Lock them together in a chain, use them one at a time - it’s all good. Who knows, this toy may even inspire future career aspirations for your child and they may even get good enough to help you with leaky taps once in a while!

  • Tubes attach to wall or bath via suction cups

  • Little ones can use one at a time or attach them together and create their own pipes to pour water through

  • Includes 5 differently shaped tubes with unique functions

  • Best for little people aged 12m+

  • Free from BPA nasties

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1 year+



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