Boon Tube Building Bath Toy

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If you're a fan of Boon Pipes and Cogs then this three piece Boon Tube is the perfect addition. Bath toys are more than rubber ducks and battleships, people – these tubes will get your little ones started on their plumber training early. Although you still shouldn’t let them loose on your kitchen sink with a spanner.

Bear in mind that while you should never leave your child alone at bath time, they might not be bothered with you being around once they get their hands on these. Pour water to the left? Done. Pour water to the right? Easy. Pour water out of the bath? Sorry, we haven’t got a trick to stop them with that one!

Your little water dwellers will splash, pour, attach, laugh and learn – but fair warning - they might complain when it’s time to get out the bath!

  • Tubes attach to wall or bath via suction cups

  • Little ones can used one at a time or attached them together and create their own pipes to pour water through

  • Includes three differently shaped tubes with unique functions

  • Best for little people aged 12 months and above

  • Free from BPA nasties

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1 year+



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