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‘Pull it, twist it, shout it…BOP IT!’

Meet possibly the most infuriatingly brilliant version of the ‘Bop It’ family, where not only are lightning-quick reactions vital, but a sense of rhythm is a must too – plus the use of multiple body parts.

If you thought the original game was tricky and found ‘Bop It Extreme’ near impossible, you’ve seen nothing yet. Take everything you know, love and hate about ‘Bop It’, and add the challenge of having to keep in time with ‘Bop It’s’ beat…which keeps getting faster and faster.

Infuriatingly addictive, ‘Bop It Party’ is brilliant fun for all the family to enjoy, whether at a holiday season get-together, a party with friends, or just a chilled-out Sunday afternoon – although you’re almost guaranteed to end up tearing your hair out.

The game can be played individually or in a group for hours of fun, laughter…and possibly weeping.

  • Recommended for children aged 8+

  • Not suitable for children under 3 years.

  • Manufactured by Hasbro.

  • Great fun for all the family.

  • Unlock more skill levels as you get better.

  • Use your whole body with the Party Bop mode.

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8 years+



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