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A family memory game that makes maths more easy and fun, BrainBox Maths encourages children's memory skills whilst teaching them about fractions, pie charts and angles. The aim of the game is to memorise a brightly illustrated and factual topic card for 10 seconds before answering one of the questions on the back. Rolling the die determines which question you get to answer and if you guess correctly you keep the card. The winner is the one with the most amount of cards when you call time on the game!

BrainBox Maths features 55 oversized colourful cards and has been designed by a primary school teacher for children aged 8 and up. Each card is filled to the brim with educational facts and questions that include everything from how many sides does an octagon have to which type of triangle has three sides. This children's game is quick and easy to play and is perfect for short 10-15 minute bursts of fun. Ideal for rainy days and weekend play it encourages everything from visual memory skills to quick thinking skills whilst helping to develop concentration and attention to detail.

  • A great game for little minds that love to learn new facts.

  • Encourages children to focus, think and remember.

  • No set up is required and it's both quick and easy to play.

  • Teaches children crucial maths skills in a brilliant brain-stretching way.

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7 years+



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