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Aligning with the UK curriculum, and teaching children about the world around them, BrainBox Nature offers memory and quiz games designed for kids aged 8+. You'll get more than 50 cards, each double sided with an image and simple quiz questions. Will your child play on their own, or compete against their parents and siblings? BrainBox Nature teaches all about animals, insects and plants. Does your child know which plants are edible, or how many legs a grasshopper has?

Designed by a primary school teacher, the BrainBox Nature game is perfect for young children. It's the perfect choice for games night, with each activity taking less than 10 minutes. When children have fun, they don't even notice that they're learning. BrainBox Nature will keep them entertained whilst boosting their brain and their knowledge. In a small box, this game is ideal as a travel toy. Why not keep BrainBox handy for a holiday, or as a game to play in the car?

  • Designed for 8 year olds and above.

  • Each game takes less than 10 minutes.

  • Created by a primary school teacher.

  • Teaches children about the world around them.

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