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The BrainBox Science game feeds children's curiosity using a combination of fun and educational elements. Created by a primary school teacher and designed for kids aged 7 to 11, this is a fantastic memory game that brings science into the home whilst improving concentration levels and quick thinking skills. Incredibly easy to play, the objective is to study one of the cards for 10 seconds before rolling the die and answering a question based on which number the die falls on. Each question refers to illustrations and information on the topic cards and when answered correctly the player keeps the card. The winner is the one with the most cards at the end!

There are 70 big and bright topic cards which all feature scientific concepts and illustrations that include everything from gravity to magnets and plant life to the human body. Memory questions range from the number of people on the card to the name of the person who invented a certain concept. Perfect for rainy days indoors and a bit of brainpower on the weekends, this visual children's game is ideal for increasing memory power, encouraging cognitive development and teaching them fun and useful facts they can share with friends.

  • 70 colourful illustrated topic cards based on scientific facts.

  • A visual memory game that helps improve focus, quick thinking, perception and attention.

  • No set up needed and can be played in short bursts of just 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Teaches scientific concepts in an entertaining way whilst improving visual recognition and both short and long-term memory.

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Brainbox Games

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