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Most kids enjoy dinosaurs and bubbles - this fun toy combines them both to great effect. It is essentially a bubble machine but one that is in the shape of a dinosaur. Ideal for inside or outside play, it will generate millions of bubbles for your children to chase around or pop. This is the perfect kids' toy for parties, too, as their friends will love watching the bubbles fly around the room or garden.

In the shape of a T-Rex and in bright purple colours, it is sure to give hours of fun to the whole family. It is simple to operate and easy to put together so you can just get right on with the bubble-themed play. Made from robust materials, it is tough enough to last for a long time with no problems. This toy is also easy to take care of with a simple wipe down being enough to keep it in great shape. Ideal for promoting active play, the Bubble Dinosaur is sure to go down well with your family.

  • Simple to assemble and easy to operate.

  • Dinosaur-themed bubble machine for hours of fun.

  • Ideal for inside or outside play.

  • Finished in fun, bright colours.

  • Simple to care for.

  • Perfect toy for promoting active play.

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Recommended age:

3 years+


A.B. Gee

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