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Providing hour after hour of multi-sensory fun, a Bubble Machine is the perfect toy for children of all ages. Young babies will love to watch the bubble machine from a distance, whilst toddlers will have lots of fun trying to catch the bubbles as they float. Bubble machines are a toy that your child won't soon outgrow, even being fun for much older children and great for birthday parties and discos.

To use this bubble machine, simply add bubble mix. This battery-operated bubble machine will reliably produce bubbles, using any shop-bought or homemade bubble mixture. Batteries can be easily replaced if your children have had so much fun that they've run out of power.

As well as being lots of fun for young and old alike, this bubble machine provides visual stimulation. Sensory stimulation is needed for healthy development in very young children. For fun indoors, and as an outdoor toy that's perfect for the summer months, a bubble machine is an excellent addition to your toy box.

  • This toy comes with bubble mixture but you can use any shop-bought or homemade bubble mixture.

  • Great fun for children of all ages.

  • An ideal sensory toy for babies and toddlers.

  • Battery operated, with replaceable batteries for hours of fun every time.

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3 years+


A.B. Gee

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