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Young children learn new skills by copying you!

The Bubble Mower toy is an imaginative way to introduce your toddler to gardening. Perfect for budding little green fingers itching for a new activity to develop their motor skills, this bubble making lawnmower inspires children to practice everyday experiences in a fun and original way. Thousands of bubbles are created every minute as they push the lawnmower along; the faster they push, the more bubbles appear! Kids will love chasing the bubbles and trying to catch and pop them.

Designed to look like a regular lawnmower, this interactive toy is bright and durable, featuring a smiling face graphic on the front. It works by inserting the bottle of bubble solution into the main body and then switching the battery-operated mower on. Designed with little hands in mind, it’s easy to push - whether they are playing indoors or outside. The Bubble Mower will keep children entertained for hours with its copious amounts of bubbles and the pretence of mowing the lawn themselves.

  • Produces hundreds of bubbles as they push.

  • A great role-playing toy to encourage motor skills and get kids active outside.

  • Easy for children to control on their own.

  • Inspires kids to use their imagination and energy whilst having fun trying to catch the bubbles.

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Recommended age:

3 years+


A.B. Gee

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