Captain Macaque Cortex Challenge

Captain Macaque Cortex Challenge


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Everyone loves to get their mind in a twist with fun memory games.

Captain Macaque's Cortex Challenge is no different with a vast number of enjoyable tests for up to six players.

With eight types of challenges, you can test your memory, cognition and sensory perception in an enjoyable way.

So why not test your thinking, memory and speed skills with this exciting new game?

Some other games may last a while but you can play this in just 15 minutes, meaning you will have plenty of fun jam-packed into a short space of time.

With over 90 test cards, players will never get bored as they have their brains stretched while racing to be the first to match symbols, try to correctly remember objects on a card or find the way out of a maze, amongst even more fun challenges.

As you win the individual challenges, your reward is a piece to your brain puzzle - an overall piece of art that you must complete before your challengers to win the game.

Cortex Challenge is certain to test the mental capabilities of young and old but equally, provide a fun and enjoyable time to all.

  • Compatible for up to six players.

  • Mind-boggling memory tests.

  • Innovative textured cards.

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8 years+


Captain Macaque

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