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Challenge your brain in different ways and see which of your group of family and friends will emerge Cortex Challenge champion!

Cortex Challenge Kids is a brilliant adapted version of the original Cortex Challenge game, making it more child-friendly and accessible and great for introducing youngsters to brain games.

With eight different challenges available, players can test their memory, speed of thought and thinking ability, going head-to-head with family and friends.

With mazes to escape from, duplicates to match up, logical puzzles to solve and object pictures to try and remember and recall, there are games to suit and challenge every brain. There are even texture cards included for a touch test game.

Cortex Challenge Kids games can also be played in as little as 15 minutes, so it’s a great addition to any Sunday afternoon family board game session, after school fun or even to pack up and take away on holiday.

Just don’t get too frustrated when the kids’ minds are sharper than the adults’!

  • Suitable for children aged six and up.

  • Great family game for two to six players.

  • Games take just 15 minutes to play.

  • Adapted from the classic Cortex Challenge, with children in mind.

  • Tests thinking, memory and speed skills.

  • Includes eight different challenges.

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Captain Macaque

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