Classic Bananagrams

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Race to be crowned ‘Top Banana’ and the word wizard of the group with this great game!

Bananagrams is a test of speed of both the hands and brain as you race your opponents to flip your tiles as fast as you can, check out what letters you have, and create a word grid.

Players continue picking new letter tiles simultaneously. You can return a letter if you don’t like it, but beware, you’ll have to replace it with a further three tiles!

Once there are fewer tiles remaining than players, the game ends and the first player to use all their letters in a word grid is crowned ‘Top Banana’ - providing of course they have no spelling mistakes, haven’t used proper nouns, and haven’t made up any words - or they’ll be a ‘Rotten Banana’ and out of the game in shame!

  • Suitable for players aged seven years and up.

  • Pick your letter tiles, flip them over to reveal the letters, and race to use them all in a word grid.

  • A great family-friendly game that everyone can enjoy.

  • Perfect to get the brain working and challenge yourself as well as others.

  • Try not to be a ‘Rotten Banana’ by making spelling mistakes, using proper nouns, or making words up.

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7 years+



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