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For those that fancy themselves to be the next big trader, to be a budding business person or for those that take great joy in bankrupting their nearest and dearest; Monopoly is the board game that brings families together before it quite brutally tears them apart. A group is never the same after a game of Monopoly; the back-stabbing, outdoing and downright ruthlessness being a real game-changer.

There are many ups and downs to enjoy with Monopoly, the Hasbro toy is magnificent for young and old alike. Properties come and go with the roll of a dice and with every journey around the make-believe London square, players simultaneously risk jail and various fines as they attempt to increase their earnings. Take in the most and ensure that any opponent is left broke, and earn the bragging rights for years to come.

  • Makes for a marvellous centre-piece to any small gathering.

  • It's full of fun, laughter and just a little bit of competitiveness.

  • It's excellent for anyone looking to spend quality time with like-minded individuals.

  • Can be enjoyed fully from age 8 and can begin a child's first step on the journey to good money management.

  • Its distinctive design makes it a great addition to any home.

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