Clicformers Basic 90 Piece Set

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The Clicformers Basic 90 Piece Set is a creative and fun way of getting children to use their imagination. This educational toy is colourful, engaging and open-ended, using a unique 4-way connection system. You can build 3D models of just about anything! From a pirate ship to animals, rockets and more.

Children can stack, click, fold and hook pieces of Clicformers to make their dream construction. This is all thanks to the set containing 64 Clicformers blocks, 26 accessories, 1 opening tool, a sticker sheet and a guide book to get you started!

While having fun, your little one can improve their fine motor skills and begin building skills for life. This toy is brilliant to share with siblings or friends, who can work together to build new constructions. It is also fantastic for bonding with your children.

A genuinely fun, educational and social toy that all children aged 4+ can enjoy. The more complex and larger builds can be enjoyed by older children and even teenagers. Watch your children show you what they are capable of achieving!

  • Promotes creativity, inspiration and imagination

  • Teaches fine motor skills, construction and planning

  • Unlimited possibilities, unique toy design allows for 3D creation

  • Comes with everything needed to start creating and designing

  • Suitable for children aged 4+

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4 years+



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