Daddy Hairdo

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A unique and fun novel, your child will love this story about a girl’s hair which has a mind of its own. Daddy Hairdo by Francis Martin is funny from start to finish as the book delves into poor Amy who is struggling to control her troublesome hair. The hair which is larger than life is hard to manage, especially during windy weather, but thankfully daddy is to the rescue! Amy’s dad finds some hilarious and fun ways to control the hair which will see you and your child laughing out loud during bedtime as you read the book from start to finish.

Complemented by the colourful and detailed illustrations from Claire Powell, the story comes to life as you look through the book and marvel at the dad’s quirky creations. The novel is a sweet story which would be great for a dad and daughter to read together to build their special bond at bedtime. Daddy Hairdo is perfect for those children who love a fun story with relatable characters and a charming ending.

  • Illustrated by ‘Have You Seen My Giraffe?’'s Claire Powell.

  • Book for ages 2+

  • A sweet story for dads to read with their daughters.

  • From new author Francis Martin.

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2 years+


Simon & Schuster

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