DC Comics Batman - Small Costume

DC Comics Batman - Small Costume


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Every child wants to be just like their favourite superhero so watch as yours takes on the mantle of Batman!

This DC Comics Batman costume helps even the smallest, shyest child transform into the muscle-bound Dark Knight, who strikes fear into the heart of all evil villains.

The iconic Batsuit displays the signature bat emblem across the chest and the cowl casts an eery bat silhouette against the wall to warn off foes lurking in shadowy corners. Watch as your child’s imagination takes hold and he ‘sees’ things in different modes of vision and uses the supposed echolocation technology of ‘sonar-vision’ to find unsuspecting enemies. Batman never goes anywhere without his utility belt and your child’s imagination can run riot with what gadgets it might hold. The Caped Crusader must have his cape with him, especially as it’s said to be made from memory cloth and defends against bullets fired by his adversaries.

  • The costume includes a jumpsuit, a cape, a utility belt and a Batman cowl.

  • The jumpsuit has attached boot tops, which fit over your child’s shoes with elastic straps.

  • The moulded muscle design instantly gives your child an impressive superhero’s body.

  • The cape fits perfectly in place thanks to a Velcro closure.

  • Small size suitable for kids aged 3 to 4 years old.

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