DC Super Hero Girls - Wonder Woman

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Unleash your inner Wonder Woman and explore your superhero powers with the Wonder Woman doll from the DC Super Hero Girls. Inspired by the DC Superhero High student, the DC Wonder Woman doll is ready to play in a full 12 inch scale. Take a look at her fashionable outfit that takes from the world famous elements of the original Wonder Woman character from the DC Comic Universe. Enjoy her white, red and blue outfit with signature armour and stars on the trousers.

DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman is always the natural leader of the pack and is the top student in her class at her favourite sports. Accessories include her Lasso of Truth and her infamous tiara and wrist cuffs.

The Wonder Woman Action Doll has been specially designed to have a high level of articulation meaning that it is sturdy enough to stand alone. This means your child can have hours of fun by posing and moving the doll to engage in imaginative play and creative storytelling. Wonder Woman can move with ease and is available along with all of the other characters from the television show.

  • Suitable for children aged six years and over.

  • Not suitable for children under three years of age and must be used under adult supervision.

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