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Who do you turn to when there is a crime to solve? Detective Dog, that's who! This book lets your child join a detective dog called Nell and help her unravel where some missing books have gone. Nell's secret is her awesome sense of smell which she uses to sniff out the criminals. When all the books from her owner Peter's school go missing one day, it is down to this detective dog to crack the case. This is written by well-known children's author Julia Donaldson and has all the usual charm you would expect from her stories.

The book is also illustrated by the multi-talented Sara Ogilvie which really brings it all to life. A journey into the bond between a boy and his dog, it is a fun and exciting read for children 3 years and over. Whether they read it during the day when some quiet time is needed or at bedtime to help drift off to sleep, your child is sure to adore this book. Not only will it help encourage them to read more but it will also help develop their imagination and vocabulary as well.

  • Detective Dog book from well-known author Julia Donaldson.

  • Illustrated by Sara Ogilvie.

  • Ideal for developing vocab skills and imagination.

  • Perfect bedtime read or for quiet time in the day.

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3 years+



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