Disney Princess Frozen 2 Pop Adventures Arendelle Castle Playset

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Little ones can relive their favourite movie moments from Disney's Frozen, with the Disney Frozen Pop Adventures Arendelle Castle Playset. You'll receive an easy-to-carry case that's unlocked with a key, popping open to reveal the full beauty of Anna and Elsa's spectacular Arendelle Castle. The castle itself features flexible plastic that pops open automatically when the carry case is opened and folds back inside effortlessly.

The perfect portable toy for on-the-go play, the Arendelle Castle Playset can be taken on holiday or to a relative's house. It's there whenever your child is ready for playtime and includes a host of accessories including chairs, tables and beds to bring their Frozen adventures to life. The playset includes Anna and Elsa dolls, with Anna in a yellow dress and Elsa in her beautiful icy blue gown. At the end of playtime, the accessories go inside the case and everything is packed away easily.

As kids play with Anna, Elsa and Arendelle Castle, they'll be able to recreate movie moments or make up stories of their own. They'll use their imagination for role play, and develop emotional awareness, whilst enjoying hours of Frozen fun.

  • An easy-to-carry case with handle for portable playtime fun.

  • Pops open to reveal Arendelle Castle.

  • Comes with Anna and Elsa figures.

  • Includes a range of furnishings and accessories.

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3 years+



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