Disney Princess Frozen 2 Pop Adventures Elsa's Bedroom Pop-Up Playset

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The Arendelle princesses' adventures continue... this time in miniature form.

Inspired by the film Frozen 2, Hasbro has created this Pop Adventures playset, which depicts a tiny recreation of Elsa's palace bedroom.

Use the magic key to open up the playset, and watch as it pops up to reveal all the beautiful regal furnishings. There's an ornate dressing table with mirror and pink upholstered chair, as well as Elsa's beautiful bed, which is decorated with royal symbols. The miniature Elsa can snuggle down under her cosy purple covers and record all of her exciting adventures in her little diary.

The pop-up playset also has a little handle, so you can carry Elsa's tiny world with you wherever you go.

  • Manufacturer recommended age 3 years and above.

  • All of the furniture and accessories are made from soft, flexible plastic, which squashes down when the playset is shut but pops back into shape when it's opened.

  • Comes with a little Elsa figure, dressed in a purple outfit.

  • Accessories include Elsa's diary, a chair and bed covers, which can all be neatly stored away in the playset.

  • Playset enables Frozen 2 fans to use their imagination and create their own stories based on the hit film.

  • WARNING: Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to the risk of small parts presenting a choking hazard.

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