Disney Princess Plush - Elsa

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The icy Snow Queen may have been a powerful force to reckon with in the Disney film Frozen but this lovable ragdoll version of Elsa is sure to become your child’s new best friend.

The Disney Princess Elsa Plush Doll looks dazzling in a cool blue dress with a shiny skirt and sparkling bodice. Just like in the film, Elsa’s cape flows around her shoulders, glittering with a beautiful snowflake design.

Watch as your child takes Elsa on wintry adventures, recreating her favourite scenes from the film. Has she locked herself away in a permanent wintry world, creating abominations like Marshmallow with her icy magical powers? Or has she learnt to let go and embrace the fun that’s to be had with the power at the tips of her sparkling fingertips?

This cute and cuddly plush princess is the perfect playmate for any imaginative child who won’t ever want to let her go. When playtime is over, this soft toy is your little one’s companion as she settles down to watch her favourite film, Frozen. At bedtime, this incredibly soft Elsa accompanies your child in dreams filled with snow and spells as they’re snuggled up together in slumber.

  • This plush Elsa ragdoll toy is perfect for playtime or snuggling up with.

  • Elsa’s outfit is just like the one from the blockbuster animated film, Frozen.

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