Disney Princess Plush - Snow White

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"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" Find out with our Snow White Disney Princess Plush!

Become best friends with Snow White and join in her adventures with the Seven Dwarves and perhaps meet your very own Prince Charming along the way. Young, innocent and unaware of all the evil surrounding her, Snow White needs a guiding hand finding her way in the wicked world and you could be the perfect friend to help! As one of the classic princesses in the Disney Princess Plush range, Snow White is luxuriously soft and cuddly, stands at 10" (25cm) tall and wears a beautifully detailed dress that has a scene from the film on her skirt!

You can also create your own tales and play for hours, imagining magical adventures, mischief with the dwarves or faraway travels Prince Charming may take the princess on. No collection would be complete without Snow White at its heart!

  • A new friend! Add yourself to Snow White's list of companions, playing, discovering and defeating the evil forces that threaten the fun!

  • Stunning skirt! Make sure you get a good look at Snow White's beautiful skirt, detailed with a scene from her story!

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1 month+


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